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Wouldn't it be nice ...

...if you didn't have to search for a payday loan to fix your car? If financial freedom really is attainable? If prescription assistance really is available for you? If grant money was really available without having to buy someone's book for $19.99? If financial assistance for single moms, single dads, single people - anyone in need - truly existed? We here at F.H.C. Ministries intend to build programs to fill the gaps between the under funded government programs, under funded church affiliate programs and the huge gap between services available for the unemployed vs. services available for the employed (which virtually don’t exist).

F.H.C. Ministries (F.aith, H.ope & C.harity Ministries) a faith based non-profit Social Welfare Organization. We are not a Church. God has enough houses to visit in His spare time. We are not a religious organization. God has enough organized groups of people leading other people in His name. We are not yet a registered non-profit organization and donations are not currently tax deductible. We are currently raising the funds to file our letters of corporation. We will be filing as a 501 (c) 4 Social Welfare Organization. To donate now please visit our store.

Don't just sit there! Get involved!

To learn how you can be a part of this grassroots social reform, please read our mission statement. We accept donations through our store. We do not want individual donations that would interfere with your own personal tithing ministry so we have developed alternative ways that you can support this cause financially. To learn how to request assistance, use our contact form.

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Charity is not Reform! It's a start, together we can do more!

F.H.C. Ministries, Bryan TX 77805-4543, Toll Free or Fax 1-800-688-1853